CLE1.2-00-5 Preparing for Interactive sessions

There are no perfect theories and no perfect answers.  The best solutions are those that we believe in and that we MAKE work. 

Let’s make these sessions as interactive as possible.  I will lead you through a journey of knowledge and applications and ask of you to link this to your own situation and how this will fit into your own setting.  Let’s use the differing viewpoints to develop a holistic course framework leading to your own mental model of achieving strategy through OE.  The cornerstone is in our collective learning experiences. Every situation is unique and there are no universal one size fits all solutions.  We don’t learn from facts or bullets points, but from the practices and experienced around the concepts presented:

  • What are the assumptions?
  • What is the approach?

and most importantly,

  • How can these be applied in my specific context?

The fundamentals of the course relate to management theories. That is not new.  However, HE is very unique and very specific.  There is no pre-reading required but you are encouraged to participate in the classroom discussions.  This is real. The only preparation for the course is to have an understanding of the competitive advantage of your institution.  We will build from there

All interactive sessions are hosted using Zoom.

It is recommended that all course participants use the Zoom desktop application for the optimal interaction experience.

Joining the Zoom Sessions:

  • The interactive session meeting links are included in each learning activity as required. Meeting status, start time and duration are shown.
  • Use the “Join via Zoom App” link in the meeting information to access the interactive session. Joining via a browser offers a subset of the full features.
  • You will be placed in a waiting room before being granted access to and admitted to the Zoom session.
  • Familiarise yourself with Zoom, and in particular, the features related to managing you audio and video, and using “Raise Hand”, Chat, Sharing features.
  • Please ensure you full name is used on your Zoom profile, when joing meetings. You can rename yourself in a meeting if necessary (Participants->find your own name->more->rename)

If you are not already a registered Zoom user, complete the steps below:

  • Go to the Zoom Website and sign up for free. This gives you the ability to use Zoom to host your own meetings of up to 40 minutes, and with up to 100 participants. You can also use this to joining meetings that are hosted by paid Zoom users, which can be of longer duration.
  • When signing up, for Zoom, or afterwards by maintaining your Zoom profile, use your full first name and surname. Your profile name is displayed when you join Zoom sessions. This is important, and a professional courtesy, as it allows meeting hosts to recognise you and grant you access into closed user-group meetings. This also means that facilitators and peers attending the online meetings will know who they are interacting with.