CLE1.1-00-3 Course Map

Learning Activity Date Time
CHE1.1-01 Global Trends in Higher Education – Prof Ahmed Bawa. 17 August 10h00-12h00

CHE1.1-02 Higher Education Context, Policy and Strategy: A National Perspective – Dr Whitty Green and Dr Thandi Lewin

18 August 09h00-12h30
CHE1.1-03 Higher Education Strategy and Planning:
An Institutional Perspective – Prof Lis Lange
24 August 10h00-12h00
CHE1.1-04 University Governance, Management and Decision-making (Council, Senate, Executive Management) – Dr Derek Swemmer 26 August 09h00-12h30

The table above shows the high level schedule of the learning activities. Further information for course participants is provided in each of the learning activities listed in th course structure. This is where participants will find links to reading materials specific to sessions, as well as Zoom meeting links to connect to the learning activity discussions and working sessions.